Woodford Homes, Inc. is a home building contractor that knows how to make customers happy. We are your neighbors and pride ourselves in friendship after the build. Continual communication throughout a project allows our successful team of craftsman and supervisors to truly build one of‘a~kind homes on budget and in a timely fashion.

We spend more time communicating with a client prior to construction than anyone. We have found the majority of surprises come in the form of allowance items being underbid. Allowances are items that finish your home like carpet, wood and tile finishes, granite, plumbing fixture, electrical fixtures, landscaping. pools, boat docks, etc.  We want to have it ‘right’on the plans and budget so there are no surprises at the end.  Once we have finished the pre-construction meeting and bid work we share everything we have gathered with our customer to assure we are building what is wanted at a price that fits the budget.

We are an open book; our 79 page comprehensive budget is part of the contract and is updated through-out the building process so the client knows what we are spending in their home, detail by detail. As we pay contractors the budget is updated with actual invoice expenditures. Controllable cost like foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, roofing. sheet rock, insulation, etc are guaranteed cost. If we go over on these controllable costs we pay the overage out of profit, if we over estimate the item the difference is returned to you the customer. Nothing is hidden! You get a copy of all the bills as well as the budget spreadsheet at the end of the job. Unlike others, you don’t have to trust us we put our reputation on the bottom line for every client.

Our budget and contract puts you at ease because you know exactly what we are expected to do and it doesn’t matter to us it you want a pool, fence, landscaping, tile roof, custom kitchen, etc, etc.  We quote our profit off your heated and cooled space, no contractor or material markup, period.  We also don’t mind if you want to make a change.  We are going to do exactly what you want, whether you know in the beginning or it becomes clear after the home is under construction. We will not issue a change order for profit, just the cost of the change.

You never have to ask ‘what’s next’?  Aflter the project has started we keep our clients informed through weekly communication.   We email a ‘start to finish’ spreadsheet that shows the customer where we are in the build process, what’s next, and what and when we need of client selections.  Staying ahead in communication builds you home faster. The overall building ofl your home will take 6 to 7 months depending on weather and the time of year.  Prior to start mortgage approval, planning, pricing. city or subdivision
approval takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Woodford Homes has built a quality team of subcontractors and property improvement contractors.  We don‘t just look at cost, quality is an important factor as well.   We ask for more and get the quality you expect in a custom home by building loyalty and trust among our contractors. We pay contractors on time and coordinate scheduling so that when we are ready, they are also, they can count on us and happy contractors make happy clients.

Woodford Homes, Inc is your right choice for any custom home in the Lake Conroe, Woodlands areas.  We will make your home a pleasant building experience and are happy to prove it by providing a list of happy customers to call in reference, feel free to ask.