Woodford Homes has a number of plans available at our office.  Call and set an appointment to meet with Rip and discuss your needs.  We will help lead you in the right direction, discuss time lines, lenders, average cost, and the steps to getting in to your home.  The building process is a relatively longtime, you need to feel comfortable, so a first meeting is an important step in the process.

We feel a home is for one family and don’t like the cookie cutter image that is left in a subdivision when four or five floor plans are built over and over by a builder.  That does not mean we never build the same floor plan twice but that we change elevations, window sizes, dormer, patios etc to achieve a different look and feel.  With drafting services available today it is easy and inexpensive to get exactly what you want.

Woodford Homes works with a couple of companies to achieve what our clients are looking to build.  We stay in the loop to help buffer the small questions and assure the draftsmen are doing something that is workable and in the clients budget range.  We also have a couple of architects who have stock drawings if that is what the client is looking for.

Just starting out?  Look on the Web for a floor plan.  A home can be made to look any style, so don‘t start with elevations.  Browse the internet and just look at floor plans that fit your lot dimensions and square footage range. Nothing is perfect but you will find plans that are close or need a little stretching.  We have provided a list of site you may want to visit below: